Installing Perl CPAN Modules

CPAN is a repository of Perl modules. Perl is shipped with command line tools to automatically install Perl modules. goes a step further by offering an interface for customers to install CPAN modules from SiteManager.

To install CPAN modules, go to Perl Settings under Language Settings from SiteManager. There you will see the currently installed Perl modules under your account.

Click Perl Module Installation start installing Perl module. On the next screen you will see detailed instruction on how to install Perl module. First, you should try automatic install first. If it fails then you can try the other methods in order. Automatic installation sometimes won't work if the module in question requires user interaction when installing.

To perform the other methods of installation, you need to log on to your shell account. Please refer to the section called “Logging in to UNIX Shell Account” for more information.

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