Using CGI Scripts in General

CGI scripts are basically regular scripts that called by web browser. You can create CGI scripts by using Perl, Python, Ruby or even shell scripts and C/C++.

To use CGI scripts you need to name your scripts with any of these extensions: .cgi, .pl, .py. You will also need to chmod +x or chmod 0755 your CGI scripts. AutoCorrect can do that automatically to all of your CGI scripts, please see the section called “Using AutoCorrect Feature” for more information.

When developing CGI scripts, you might need information about the exact location of interpreters or utilities such as Perl interpreter or UNIX sendmail. These information can be obtained from Language Settings menu.


CGI scripts must be in UNIX text format. If you create the scripts within Microsoft Windows environment you will need to use ASCII mode when uploading using FTP, or fix the uploaded file afterwards by using AutoCorrect. Please see the section called “Using AutoCorrect Feature” for more information about AutoCorrect.

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