Logging in to UNIX Shell Account

The provided username and password combination is also used to log on to your UNIX shell account. Your account is also equipped with access to shell account. Shell account is an environment where you can manage your account using a text based command prompt like interface.


To properly use shell account you need to know how to properly use it. Information on what and how you can do inside shell account is beyond the scope of this user guide. However most of your account features can be used without using shell account.

There are two ways to log on to your shell account: using Telnet or SSH. You will need an appropriate client software like standard telnet or PuTTY when using Microsoft ® Windows ®. Under UNIX ®, Linux or similar system you can use standard telnet or OpenSSH.


Using telnet when logging in to your shell account is discouraged. It is highly recommended to use SSH for better security.

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