Protecting Your Email With SPF

Email has a weakness: it allows anyone to forge anyone else's email address. This means any person could send a message claiming to be from you, and only an email expert would be able to tell the differences. Spammers, viruses and worms exploit this weakness all the time. Viruses and worms often send emails with forged from address to trick the recipients into opening it. Spammers almost always impersonate innocent email address when sending their spam.

SPF protects you from this. It specifies which hosts on the Internet can send mail as a specific user. SPF aware mail servers will then reject emails that don't come from the specified hosts. supports SPF. By default any host on the Internet may send email from your domain. This is the most expected setting today, however you should change it to something more restricting in order to be able to protect your domain from impersonation.

To configure your domain's SPF records, please follow these instructions.

  1. Log on to SiteManager if you haven't already logged on.

  2. Go to Subdomain & DNS.

  3. Choose edit mail handler for the domain you wish to configure its SPF records.

  4. You can review the current SPF configuration for the domain in question in this page. To configure SPF, choose Configure approved outgoing mail servers.

  5. Follow the instructions and then choose Configure SPF Record to save your settings. Please note that the server hosting your account is automatically added to SPF record, you don't need to add our server's hostname or IP address.


Please allow 24 hours before the new SPF record can take effect.


We recommend that you use our SMTP server when sending emails. If you choose to send using your own or the ISP's SMTP server, please make sure it is whitelisted in SPF.

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