Running Scheduled Tasks

Task scheduler is used if you want to run a task periodically. To add a new task to be scheduled, please do the following steps.

  1. Log on to SiteManager if you haven't already logged on.

  2. Go to Task Scheduler menu where you can see the list of your scheduled tasks.

  3. Click on Add New Scheduled Task to add a task.

  4. On the next screen you will see three fields. 'Task Name' is the name of the task, you can put anything to describe the task you want to create, it will be shown on your list of scheduled task. The second field 'Command to Run' is the most important, please specify the complete command line of task you want to execute. The third field 'Comments' is simply a comment box, you can specify any information here. Click on Add New Task to proceed.

  5. Go back to the main Task Scheduler menu. You will see the task in question, but it is not scheduled to run yet. To create a schedule for this task, click edit on the right of the task in question.

  6. Click Add New Schedule to create a schedule for this task.

  7. Follow the instruction on the next screen. You can add yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly schedule. You can also set this task to run everytime our server boots.


You can add more than one schedule to a single task.

On the edit task menu, you can also edit the task information if you need to change something. For example if you want to change the command line to perform.


To schedule a PHP script, you can use wget as the command line. For example, you want to be scheduled, you can use a command line like 'wget -O- -o /dev/null'.

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