Creating Jabber ® Account

In, your email account doubles as your Jabber ® account with an exception: your subdomain email account cannot be used as a Jabber ® account. For example: if you create an email account, then the respective Jabber ® account is also However, an email account doesn't have a Jabber ® account because is a subdomain.


We made the Jabber ® account the same as email account in order to simplify administration and to reduce confusion. However, there are Jabber ® servers that don't follow this rule. You shouldn't assume a Jabber ® account is also a working email address, or vice versa.


The same password is used for both email service and Jabber ® service. You can change password from a Jabber ® client and the email password will be changed too, and vice versa.

To create an email account (and thus a Jabber ® account), please refer to the section called “Creating a New Email Account”.

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