About Jabber ®

Jabber ® is an open instant messaging platform that uses an open, XML-based protocols to create the standard functionality people expect of an IM system: one-to-one chat, multi-user chat, the ability to subscribe to someone else's presence, and so on. Jabber has been approved as proposed Internet standard by Internet Engineering Task Force.

The way Jabber ® works is similar to legacy instant messaging platform such as ICQ ®, MSN ® Messenger, Yahoo! ® Messenger or AIM ®. A user will be able to contact his/her 'buddies' using a client program.

Why use Jabber ® instead of other instant messaging services?

  • Jabber ® is an Internet standard just like HTTP or SMTP. There are several implementations of servers and clients from a lot companies. Just like web and email.

  • Jabber ® protocol is decentralized unlike proprietary instant messaging system. Every domain owner could have their own Jabber ® server, just like email.

  • There are fewer privacy concern with Jabber ®, because communications between Jabber ® users don't involve a centralized server controlled by a third party.

  • As such, Jabber ® is more suitable for business users. Also, client software offered by proprietary instant messaging system are often targeted to casual users rather than business users.

  • Jabber ® provides a way for its user to communicate with users from legacy instant messaging platforms like Yahoo! ® Instant Messenger, AIM ®, MSN ® Messenger or ICQ ®

  • Jabber ® is more personalized. Unlike with some of proprietary instant messaging services, it identifies its users with a notation similar to email addresses (user@domain).

  • Jabber ® supports multiple login. It means you can remain connected at the office, while you connect with the same username from your home.

  • Jabber ® client software is available on almost all operating system.

  • There are several free Jabber ® account providers to register from if the ISP doesn't provide it already.

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