Creating and Managing Databases

To create a database, please follow the following steps.

  1. Log on to SiteManager if you haven't already logged on.

  2. Go to Database server menu.

  3. Inside database server menu, there are two options for creating database, one for MySQL and one for PostgreSQL. Click on appropriate menu to create a database.

  4. Specify the name of database and its password. You can use the Generate to generate a random password. For PostgreSQL, please also specify the encoding to be used in the new database.

  5. Click on Create Database button to create the database.


Database name is always prepended with your account username in order to avoid name conflict with other users.

From the database server menu, you can see the currenly created databases. There are also several actions you can do to your existing databases.

  • manage, this will manage your database from inside SiteManager you can add tables, modify tables, make a dump, execute queries, and others. This is currenly only available for MySQL database.

  • password, this is used to change your database password.

  • delete, this is used to delete your database. Please be careful when using this function, since it will delete the database and its contents without means to reverse the action.

  • example, shows you how to connect to the database, execute a simple query and disconnect in various popular languages.

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