Types of Database

indoglobal.com offers two types of database servers: MySQL and PostgreSQL. Both are popular databases dan sometimes required by third party software.

MySQL Database

MySQL is the most popular relational database management system (RDBMS) in the Internet today. A lot of web applications, free or commercial depends on MySQL for their database backend. The speed, compactness and simplicity of MySQL makes it suitable for most web sites.

PostgreSQL Database

PostgreSQL is another popular database product. It has a complete set of features found in higher end database systems. While not as popular as MySQL, PostgreSQL still have its place in web sites. Quite some third party applications utilizes PostgreSQL as backend database server.

Support for More Than One Database

indoglobal.com offers these two databases to its clients. You can create more than one database on an account. This has the advantage that it will simplify your development process since you can easily separate database for various functions, and will not clobber a single database with various unrelated tables.

Aside from that, you will also find a lot of third party software that uses the same table name, especially with common table names such as 'user' or 'group'. If you need to install two or more programs that uses a table named 'user' and only allowed to use only a single database, then you are in trouble. The only solution would be to edit those programs so that it would use another table name. In indoglobal.com system you are able to create two databases for two different programs and they won't conflict or require heavy modifications.

You are allowed to create as many databases as you need. The maximum limit of databases you can create is only limited by your disk space quota.

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