File Permission


Don't worry if you don't understand anything in this section, just use AutoCorrect to fix almost all your permission problems automatically.

Any file in your account needs to be in correct permission before it can function correctly. You can change file permission by using SiteManager's file manager or FTP. AutoCorrect will also fix your files' permission automatically. If you find your scripts do not function correctly, please try AutoCorrect first. For more information about AutoCorrect please refer to the section called “Using AutoCorrect Feature”.

Directories on your account need to be in mode 0755. This is the default when creating directories, so you won't need to do chmod after creating them. More permissive mode (like 0755) is not allowed, CGI scripts will refuse to function if placed within too permissive directories.

Dynamic CGI scripts (such as Perl, Python, or Ruby) should be in mode 0755. Static files (such as HTML documents or images) should be at least in mode 0644 (but it won't hurt to have them in 0755). Under no circumstances should files be in mode 0666 or 0777.


Some scripts come with installation manual that tell the user to chmod files or directories to mode 0777 or 0666. This is not required in our system where CGI scripts are running as their own owner privileges. In fact, in some cases, our system will refuse to run scripts when they are in those modes.

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