Converting ASP Scripts to PHP

Sometimes programming in Active Server Pages (ASP) could be very limiting. PHP on the other hand is a similar language but have a lot more features and flexibility. You have the option to convert your ASP scripts without doing everything from scratch again.

To attempt to convert your ASP scripts to PHP, you need to do the following.

  1. Log on to SiteManager if you haven't already logged on.

  2. Go to Miscellaneous menu and then go to ASP to PHP converter sub menu.

  3. Inside, you will be presented with several fields. Choose your subdomain on the 'subdomain to convert' field to convert every ASP files inside that subdomain. You also have the option to choose more than one subdomain.

  4. On the database field, please specify the database used by the ASP script you want to convert. Or you can choose Automatic detection to let it detect the database automatically. If the ASP scripts in question does not use database, please use Automatic detection.

  5. If the ASP scripts you want to convert come from a non Y2K compliant Microsoft ® Windows ® NT Server, please set Y2K Problem Handling to 'yes'.

  6. On the variable name case mangling field, you can choose if you want to converter to change the case of variables. Variable names in ASP is case insensitive, unlike PHP where variable names is case sensitive. You can use this option to force the case of variable names.

  7. On the last field, you can choose if you want every created PHP files includes global.php.

  8. Click on Convert ASP to PHP in order to start the conversion.


ASP to PHP conversion is not guaranteed to be 100% perfect. However it is still better than rewriting the scripts from scratch.

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