DNS Zone Transfers

DNS zone transfer is a mechanism to replicate DNS data from one DNS server to another. You can add your own DNS server IP address here and set it as a slave (or secondary) server for your zone. Please consult your DNS server documentation for more information.

Zone transfer could be useful if you want to replicate your DNS data on your local DNS server in order to conserve bandwidth, to speed up requests or to make DNS data available when disconnected from the Internet. Or your domain registrar requires you to allow zone transfers from certain IP address.


To use zone transfer you need to have a DNS server, expertise to configure it, and good understanding on how DNS works.

To prevent privacy leaks, nobody is allowed to do zone transfers by default. To allow zone transfers, you need to explicitly define which IP address(es) are allowed to do zone transfers. Other IP address than ones allowed by you will not be granted zone transfer access. To add an IP address to your allow list, please do the following:

  1. Log on to SiteManager if you haven't already logged in.

  2. Go to Subdomain & DNS menu.

  3. Go to IP Addresses Allowed for Zone Transfers.

  4. Go to Add New IP Address.

  5. On the next screen please specify the IP address you want to allow doing zone transfers with your DNS zone. Press Add New IP Address to add it.

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