Email and Subdomains

Our email system is subdomain aware, you can create email addresses under a subdomain. However how emails are handled on a subdomain depends on the type of subdomain.

  • On normal, Microsoft ® FrontPage ®, alias and webplication subdomains, you have the option to have our email system handle the email; deliver emails to other server(s) using DNS MX records; or refuse all emails.

  • On A record subdomains, you have the option to use MX records to deliver email to IP address other than one the A record pointing to. Without MX record(s), emails will be sent to the IP address pointed by A record.

  • Email to a dynamic DNS subdomain cannot be hosted on our server, you have the option to specify an MX records to deliver emails to.

The current email policy of each subdomains you have are listed on the Mail Handler column in Subdomain & DNS menu. You can also see that every normal, Microsoft ® FrontPage ®, alias and webplication subdomains each should have their own edit mail handler menu, and every A records will also have their own edit MX records menu. You can use this menu to configure your email configuration for a particular subdomain.

Inside edit mail handler menu there are several options. You can see the current subdomain policy about emails, and modify them by clicking on the edit menu. You can also add and remove DNS MX records here.


DNS MX records are always ignored unless the email policy is set to be handled by MX records.

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