Pointing Your Domain to Our DNS Servers

Before your account can be accessed from the Internet, you will need to point your domain to our DNS servers. For more information on how to do this, please refer to the welcome message we sent to you. If you need more assistance please contact our technical support.

While it is highly recommended that you point your domain to our DNS servers, you also have the option to use our account without pointing your domain to our name servers. However you will need to manually maintain DNS records on your name servers so that they contain the same records as our DNS servers. You can see DNS records for your account by logging in to SiteManager go to Subdomain & DNS and then Raw DNS Records.


It is strongly recommended to point your domain to our DNS servers. Maintaining your own DNS server requires expertise and extra administration tasks in order to synchronize records on your DNS server.


DNS updates on most top level domains or second level domains are typically propagates within three days, depending on the registrar.

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