Your account in a glance

By hosting your account with you will have access to a unprecedented wealth of features combined with ease of use.

SiteManager lets you configure nearly all of your account's features while still retaining ease of use. SiteManager's interface is web based, you can use it anywhere with Internet access and a web browser.

You can create subdomains on your account. They will let you organize your sites in a more professional way.

You will also get complete control to your DNS zone. You can do everything related to DNS such as changing MX records, adding A record and others.

To publish your web site, you can choose from several options: FTP, WebDAV, SSH, rsync as well as web based file manager.

Your account is equipped with sophisticated, subdomain aware email system. You can have several types of email account like POP/IMAP account, email forwarder or autoresponder. You can access your mail by using a standard POP/IMAP email client as well as web or WAP based email.

The server environment is highly tuned for flexibility in developing web sites. You have access to various programming language or tools like PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, ASP and others.

You account is also equipped with database servers. You can use both MySQL and PostgreSQL. You can also make more than one database.

Those features above are not meant to be exhaustive, you can see more sales pitch on our homepage :). We are sure just by using your account, you will discover a lot of new features.

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