Creating Web Site Content

Right now your web site will only have a single placeholder page. Of course, we will want to remove it and install our own web site. We will now try to do that using file manager feature of SiteManager.

  1. Click on File manager on the navigation bar. File manager menu should appear shortly.

  2. You should now see one subdomain name . On the right of it you will see browse among other choices. For now, just click on browse to browse the web site directory of

  3. Now you should see a directory listing of your web site directory. Right now it will only list one file index.html. This currently contains the boring placeholder page. So we will remove it. Check the checkbox beside the filename, and then click on the Delete button below. You need to confirm your action on the next page. After confirming, the file should now be removed. Click on Browsing to go back to previous menu.

  4. Now we will create a new file, click on Create New File. You will now be presented with a form. On filename please enter index.html. In the content text area, you can enter HTML code here. Press Create File to finalize creating the file.


While the File Manager in SiteManager is convenient to quickly edit a few files, there are numerous other ways of publishing your work on your web site. Please see Chapter  4, Publishing and Uploading Files for more in depth information about publishing your web site.

Congratulations, you are now able to delete and create files.

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