Logging in to SiteManager

SiteManager is your central point of managing your account. You will use SiteManager in order to do almost all aspect of managing your account.

  1. Open your preferred web browser and go to our web site

  2. Type in your account username and password in the login box and click Go. You account username must begin with u and followed by one or more numbers.

  3. If you entered the correct username and password, you should now see the main page of SiteManager


Your web browser may emit warnings about SSL certificate as we might not use CA signed SSL certificate. However any transmission from and to SiteManager should be safe and encrypted. Please click OK on warning messages to dismiss them.


You can also use your domain name as your username if you don't want to remember your account number.

Now you have logged in, we will try to use various functions inside SiteManager to configure your account. So don't close your web browser yet!

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