KDE Konqueror

Konqueror is a file manager used under KDE. KDE is a desktop environment for Linux, UNIX and similar operating systems. To connect to FTP server using Konqueror please do the following steps.

  • Open a Konqueror file manager window by clicking on the home icon on the taskbar.

  • On the Location bar, specify ftp://u777@primary-ip.example.com. You may be asked for a password, specify it as necessary.

  • After the window shows the contents of your account, you will be able to do file transfer by performing standard file operation like drag and drop or copying and pasting.


To save the location so you don't have to do the above steps everytime you want to make a connection, click Bookmarks and then Add bookmark. If you want to make the connection, you only have to choose the site in question from the bookmark.

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