FileZilla is a free FTP client for windows. It is a free software under GPL and can be downloaded for free from FileZilla's homepage.

To connect to our FTP server using FileZilla, please do the following steps, assuming your account username is u777 and your domain name is

  • Launch FileZilla using Start menu. The FileZilla window should now appear.

  • On the quick launch bar, specify '' in the Address field, 'u777' in the User field, and your account password in the Password field. Click QuickConnect to continue.

  • After logged in, you are now able to perform file transfer within the Local site and Remote site panel.


On the subsequent connection attempt, you no longer have to type in your host, user and password every time you log on. FileZilla will remember your settings automatically. Click the arrow beside QuickConnect button to show the connections made previously.

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