Use Secure Protocols When Managing Your Account

Some communication protocols send data in clear text. This is not desirable because a malicious third party could inspect your data on the way to our server. Fortunately, there are safer alternatives that doesn't expose your data so easily.

To provide access to your shell account, we provide two means: telnet and SSH. To improve security, you should consider avoiding telnet. Telnet sends your username and password in clear text. On the other hand, SSH encrypts communication between you and our server. An eavesdropper will have hard time if you are using SSH instead of telnet.

We provide several ways for you to upload your web site contents. Each way has different security implications.

  • FTP. FTP doesn't encrypt your data, an eavesdropper could see your username and password in plain text.

  • WebDAV. WebDAV over HTTP (port 81) will not encrypt your data. WebDAV over HTTPS (port 444) will encrypt your data.

  • SiteManager file manager. Uploading your data using SiteManager should be safe as long as you enable secure mode when logging in.

  • Microsoft ® FrontPage ®. You can use Microsoft ® FrontPage ® over HTTP or HTTPS. Use Microsoft ® FrontPage ® HTTPS mode to increase security.

  • scp, sftp, rsync. These protocols use SSH transport, and therefore should be secure.

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