Transferring Files Using FTP

FTP is a very common way to transfer files on the Internet. To upload files using FTP you need to use an FTP client. Some operating system already ship with an FTP client that you can use, so that you don't have to use an FTP client from a third party.


You need to use ASCII mode when uploading CGI script files such as Perl, Python or Ruby scripts. You also need to chmod +x those files. If your FTP client doesn't provide that function, you can fix the uploaded files by using AutoCorrect function of SiteManager. the section called “Using AutoCorrect Feature”.

Uploading files to main FTP account

To upload files to your account using FTP you need to connect to hostname using your favorite FTP client (assuming your domain name is and use your account username and password. Your account username must begin with the letter 'u' and followed by one or more digits.


You can also use your full domain name (i.e. instead of your account username (i.e. u777) to log on to your account using FTP.


Please note that our FTP server does a chroot to your home directory, that means you will see your home directory as the root directory. The file /home/u777/domain/ will be seen as /domain/ under FTP.

Subdomain FTP accounts

Our FTP server provides a way for subdomains to have their own FTP accounts. This is useful if you want to delegate development work to others without giving them the main account.

To configure subdomain FTP accounts, log on to SiteManager and go to FTP Accounts menu. From there you can see your subdomains, their physical directory, and whether FTP access is enabled or not. To enable or disable FTP access to a subdomain, click on enable or disable respectively. To set FTP password, please use the set password function.


Subdomain FTP access can only be enabled for regular subdomains.


Note that our FTP server will do a chroot to the subdomain directory. The directory /home/u777/ will be seen as just /web on the FTP server.

To upload to a subdomain account, you need to use the full subdomain name as username. The password is the one that you set from FTP Accounts menu.

For more information about configuring various FTP client, please see Appendix A, FTP Clients Configuration.

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