Types of Email Accounts

There are several types of email accounts you can create.

  • POP/IMAP account. Email sent to this type of account will be stored on the server. Users then will be able to download their email by using an email client software or check their mails by using webmail. A POP/IMAP account also functions as a Jabber ® account, please see Chapter  9, Jabber Instant Messaging for more information about Jabber ®

  • Email forwarder. This type of email accounts will forward any incoming mail to another email address. For example, you can forward your emails to your account with a local ISP, but you can use the address associated with your domain, not your ISP.

  • Mailing list. Mailing list consists of its members' email addresses. Any email sent to a mailing list account will be distributed to its members. Our mailing list system is fully automatic, for example a user can become a member by themselves, email bounces are handled automatically, etc.

  • Auto responder. Autoresponder will immediate reply any incoming email with a given message. Beside that, the incoming message can be forwarded to another email address as well.

  • Email bouncer. This type of email account will simply reject any incoming email, just like when this account has not been made. For a reason why this email type is sometimes necessary, please refer to the section called “Default Mail Handler” for more information.

  • Email blackhole. This type of email account will simple discards any incoming emails.

  • Custom mail handler. An advanced user can use dynamic email processing by using custom mail handler. To use this feature, you need a working knowledge on how our email server (qmail-1.03) works.


POP/IMAP email accounts are also user configurable to forward email to another address and also as an autoresponder (vacation).

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