Naming Filenames and Directory Locations

Each of your regular subdomains has their own web directory. You need to put all of your web contents there. For example, if your subdomain is named and your username is u777, then its web directory is /home/u777/domain/ If a file test.html is uploaded to this directory, then it can be visited by a web browser using


In our server filenames are case sensitive. For example index.html is different than INDEX.HTML and Index.HTML. This is different than for example Microsoft ® Windows ® environment. Please make sure that you uploaded your files in with the intended case especially when using Microsoft ® Windows ®.

Our web server will determine the file type from the file extension. The following lists commonly used file extensions for typical web files.

  • HTML files: .html or .htm

  • Javascript files: .js

  • CSS files: .css

  • JPEG images: .jpeg, .jpg, or .jpe

  • PNG images: .png

  • GIF images: .gif

  • WML files: .wml

  • WML scripts: .wmls

  • WBMP images: .wbmp

  • Shockwave Flash files: .swf


Please make sure the file extension is in lowercase.

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