DNS Record

DNS record subdomains are useful if you need to point a subdomain to another IP or hostname. There are several types of DNS records you can create:

  • 'A' record. 'A' record is used to point your subdomain to an IP address. This IP address can be any IP address, not confined to server IP address. For example your broadband connection at home is assigned a static IP by your ISP, then you can use A record to point a subdomain to this IP address. After that you can call it by using the hostname, for instance: home.example.com.

  • 'NS' record. 'NS' record is used to delegate control of your subdomain to a DNS server. For example, your company have a branch office in France, and they elect to manage their own web site. You can make subdomain france.example.com pointing to their DNS server using NS records. Then they will be able to control france.example.com and configure it on their own without consulting with you first.

  • 'CNAME' record. 'CNAME' is an alias to another existing hostname. For instance, you can make foo.example.org an alias to foo.example.com.


Using DNS records, especially NS records will require deep understanding about DNS in general.

To create DNS records, please do the following:

  1. Log on to SiteManager if you haven't already logged in.

  2. Go to Subdomain & DNS menu.

  3. Go to Create New Subdomain or DNS Record, enter the name of subdomain you want to create, select DNS record, and then click Next.

  4. On the next screen you can choose whether you want to create A record, CNAME record or NS record. Choose accordingly and press Next to continue.

  5. The next screen will differ according to the choice you made on the previous screen. If you choose A record you will be asked an IP address to point the A record to. If you choose CNAME record you will be asked another hostname to make alias to. If you choose NS record you will be asked up to four DNS servers to delegate to. Answer the question and click Next to continue.

  6. On the next screen you will be confirmed of your choice. Press Finish to continue.

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