Types of Subdomains

There are several types of subdomain you can create.

  • Regular subdomain. This type of subdomain is hosted on our server. This subdomain can serve web sites and host email mailboxes.

  • Microsoft ® FrontPage ® subdomain. Microsoft ® FrontPage ® subdomain is similar to regular subdomain with an exception you need to use Microsoft ® FrontPage ® client to develop its web contents.

  • Webplication. Weblications are canned web applications that you can install to a subdomain. For example, our web mail feature is implemented as a webplication. It is installed by default on http://webmail.example.com.

  • DNS record. You can define a custom DNS record using this type of subdomain. You can add A records, NS records and CNAME records.

  • Dynamic DNS. This is a special type of DNS record. You can use this type of subdomain to assign a static hostname to a dynamic IP address.

  • Other types. You can make a subdomain that is an alias to another subdomain. You can also make your web server log file analysis result available as a subdomain.

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