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26 July 2004

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Table of Contents

1. Quick Start Guide
Logging in to SiteManager
Creating Web Site Content
Creating an Email Account
Accessing your email account
Closing Remarks
2. Introduction
Your account in a glance
Pointing Your Domain to Our DNS Servers
Logging in to SiteManager
Logging in to UNIX Shell Account
Logging in using FTP
Monitoring Resource Usage
Directory Structure
3. Subdomain and DNS
Creating new Subdomains
Types of Subdomains
Regular and Microsoft FrontPage subdomains
DNS Record
Dynamic DNS
Other Types of Subdomains
Deleting Subdomains
Email and Subdomains
DNS Zone Transfers
4. Publishing and Uploading Files
Transferring Files Using FTP
Using SiteManager's File Manager
Using WebDAV to Manage Files
Publishing using Microsoft FrontPage
Transferring Files Using scp, sftp and rsync
5. Web Site Development
Naming Filenames and Directory Locations
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Using PHP Scripts
Using CGI Scripts in General
Installing Perl CPAN Modules
Using Active Server Pages (ASP)
Using AutoCorrect Feature
Access Control Configuration
Creating a Graphical Counter
Log Files and Analysis
Running Scheduled Tasks
Creating HTML to Email Forms
Migrating From Another Server
Checking Your Web Site from Link Errors
Converting ASP Scripts to PHP
File Permission
6. Database Server Administration
Types of Database
Creating and Managing Databases
Managing MySQL Database
Dumping and Restoring MySQL Database
Using MySQL Database in Your Application
Managing PostgreSQL Database
Dumping and Restoring PostgreSQL Database
Using PostgreSQL Database in Your Application
7. Improving Security
Classes of Security
Keeping Third Party Software Up to Date
Writing Secure Scripts
Use Secure Protocols When Managing Your Account
What To Do When a Security Incident Happens
8. Email Management
Types of Email Accounts
Creating a New Email Account
Default Mail Handler
Mandatory Email Accounts
Checking Emails
Configuring Spam Filter
Using Global Email Password to Access Your User's Account
Protecting Your Email With SPF
9. Jabber Instant Messaging
About Jabber
Creating Jabber Account
Using Jabber Client Psi
Tips for Using Jabber
A. FTP Clients Configuration
Microsoft Windows My Network Places
KDE Konqueror
GNOME Nautilus
B. WebDAV Clients Configuration
Microsoft Windows My Network Places
KDE Konqueror
GNOME Nautilus
C. Email Clients Configuration
Microsoft Outlook Express
Qualcomm Eudora
Novell Evolution (formerly Ximian Evolution)
Mozilla Mail

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